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Wedding Ring

 TOP Questions To Ask Wedding Videographer Before You Decide To Book One:

A wedding is definitely one of the best days in your life and a moment you want to cherish for years to come.
Let’s make sure you hire a videographer who’s the perfect match for you. Someone who will meet your expectations, capture and edit the final film with the style you like.

These top questions to the wedding videographer will help you decide before making a booking.
What’s your style of videography?

There are different ways to tell the same story. A documentary-style, where videographers shoot and edit everything chronologically (capturing the events of the day as they happen) including guests interviews.  A cinematic style filmed and edited more like a movie with more focus on storytelling. Set to the music live audio from vows and speeches may be overlayed with video of you different part of the day. These elements help create a more stylized video and give a more movie feel to your wedding. it is important to find a style you like.

How many hours do you cover?

There is a lot going on during wedding day from morning till late night. Bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, drinks, speeches, cake cut, first dance and a party. Make sure your videographer will capture those parts of the day which are most important to you.

How long is the film going to be?

Your wedding film can be a few minutes or even over an hour long. It depends on filming and editing style.

Who will be filming the wedding?

Check to see whether the person you book will actually film your wedding day. Some videographers may hire contractors whose style can differ from what you saw in portfolio and what you might expect.

What equipment do you use?

Very good visuals and sound is a must when it comes to wedding videography. Multiple cameras to cover different angles, microphones for crisp audio and of course lighting. Don’t forget to ask how do videographer uses the equipment on the wedding day (setup mics, lights) to be sure you are fine with it. These elements have an impact on the final wedding film.

How do you work with a photographer/ Have you worked with my photographer before?

The most likely answer would be NO, as there are so many photographers out there. It is for sure better communication between videographer and photographer if they know each other but in most cases, it is not a problem at all. They work with each other to provide the best service possible for you.

Have you filmed any weddings at my venue before?

If the videographer has filmed a wedding at your venue before, you can have a rough idea of what your film made look like. It can be a benefit, but if he/she hasn't, then it is nothing to worry about as the videographer should check the venue before wedding day.

What music will be used in the wedding video?

Find out what music choice you have for your final film. Songs must be licensed before you can share your video online, therefore you might not be able to use your favorite tunes due to copyright requirements.

When and how will I receive the final video?

It is how long you will wait for the final video to be delivered. Will you receive it as a digital download, pen drive, DVD or Bluray?

Are there any additional costs?

Make sure there are no hidden costs and what a total price is.

How does payment look like and what packages do you offer?

Ask what is included in the price you pay. How many options you have when it comes to packages
and the way you make payment.



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