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bride and groom intimate moment

Toby & Louisa-marie 

Gildings Barns Wedding

"Krzysztof was amazing. Captured our day beautifully, so many compliments on our wedding day video. It was just captured perfectly. Highly recommend. Thank you so much!"
- Louisa-Marie

bride is reading letter form the groom, wedding day morning letters
maid of honour speech at Gildings Barns

Why did you decide to capture your wedding day on video?

"To capture moments that we might have not seen. People’s reactions etc"

Why did you choose Gildings barns as your
Venue above anywhere else?

"We liked Guildings barns as it was more us as a venue, relaxed vibes"

groom reaction during wedding speech at Gilding Barns
wedding party, Gildings Barns

What experience did you want to give your guests?

"Nice chilled experience, nothing too fancy. "

How do you feel about your wedding day. Was it how you expected it to be? 

"Best day ever loved it, our day was everything
we wished for and more! 
Thank you"

bride is reading personal vows at wedding ceremony in Gildings Barns
bride and groom celebrating sparklers at Gildings Barns
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